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Founded in 1994, Spicer Real Estate, Inc.  has established itself as a leading force in  D.C., MD and Northern VA  through a data-driven and client-centric approach. Led by Robert Spicer, a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience and $600 million in career sales, the firm offers a refreshingly transparent and flexible commission model.

Recognizing the power of the internet, Spicer Real Estate leverages cutting-edge technology and web-based tools to maximize buyer exposure while streamlining transactions for efficiency and cost savings. This allows us to achieve top market value for our sellers while passing on significant commission reductions to benefit them directly.

But our commitment extends beyond price. We believe in personal service and tailored guidance throughout every step of the real estate journey. Our team of dedicated professionals provides the expertise and support you need to make informed decisions with confidence.

While our innovative fee structure may initially attract you, we hope the unwavering dedication to exceptional service is what keeps you coming back.

Choose Spicer Real Estate and experience the difference.

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