Holding real estate can be very lucrative. Key to that success is keeping vacancy factors down, on time rental payments and maintaining the property. Towards that end we provide the following services:

  • Property marketing
  • Tenant qualification and lease negotiation/preparation.
  • Property management services
  • Property valuations and staging advice

We’ll market the property for rent utilizing our extensive resources including the MLS, newspapers, web site and signs. We qualify tenants, negotiate and prepare the lease. Management services include rent collection and disbursement, interaction with the tenant in your behalf and follow up on property maintenance.

Fees can vary depending on your needs but generally are as follows:

  • One year lease – commission is the first month’s rent and is often split equally between Spicer and the tenant’s broker.
  • Property management fees range from 8% to 10% of the gross monthly rent collected. We do not charge you if the home is vacant.

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